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"Improv For Kids"

We offer this program for both entertainment and educational purposes. The comedy troupe "Eight is NEVER enough!"  developed "Improv 4 Kids" show as an opportunity to do shows that are JUST for kids.  This fast paced high-energy show uses LOTS of audience volunteer and continuously prompts the audience every 3 minutes for creative ideas to turn into stories, songs pantomime and original characters.  This show is PERFECT for the 12 and under crowd.  Adults will find the show entertaining too but this show is all about them.

For High School and College students we recommend our ALL AGES traditional
Interactive Improv & Musical Comedy Show.

Workshop and Show (ages 7-18)
Our staff teaches students improvisation technique. Many of the  perform in our shows. After a two
hour workshop and lunch/dinner break, students
perform in a showcase for friends and family with our staff as MC.
Run by
Walt Frasier
(Artistic Director of "Eight is NEVER enough!" Improv)
Additional staff member for every 10 kids

More Classes and Workshops
Further the education with a series of workshops on acting, singing, improv and movement for the performer. We also consult for theatrical productions of any age level.

For Further information, clips and references visit the page on the "Improv 4 KIDS" website www.improv4kids.com