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Cloverly Elementary School

800 Briggs Chaney Road
Silver Spring, MD, 20905

Phone: 301-989-5770
Fax: 301-879-1035

William H. Farquhar Middle School

16915 Batchellors Forest Road
Olney, MD, 20832

Phone: 301-924-3100
Fax: 301-924-3152

It is often a challenge for a Cultural Arts Chairperson to find
performers who are professional and innovative.  I have had the pleasure
of coordinating performances of Improv for Kids for our Elementary and
Middle schools over the past three years.  The actors are skilled,
engaging, highly energetic, and extremely creative.  Even students that
were reluctant to volunteer to participate in assemblies were eager to
join in the performances.  Also, it is rare to get a group that plays so
well to all ages, hence their success at both the Elementary School and
Middle School levels.  I look forward to bringing Improv for Comedy back

Betsy Sirk
Cultural Arts Chairperson



EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH presents the interactive improv comedy show weekly in Times Square, NYC and tours nationwide. Great programming for assemblies, after-school, fundraisers, proms, graduation parties and more. IMPROV 4 KIDS plays K-5 schools. Both shows provide hilarious introductions to the performing arts including opera, jazz, Broadway, madrigal, Shakespeare and much more. The entire show is based on audience suggestions and participation. Workshops further student development focusing on self-respect, confidence, eye contact, listening, speaking clearly, public presentation and creative thinking.


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